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into hair naturally 

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At Into Hair Naturally, we believe in empowering our clients with natural hair care knowledge and services. We offer a range of salon services to enhance your look, as well as classes to teach you how to take care of your natural hair and maintain it with natural hair care products 


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Louisville Kentucky
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about me.

Teresa Miller is a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician, who graduated from the Paris
College of Hair Design in 1988. After obtaining her degree, Teresa embarked on her journey and
took off running with her career as a Platform Artist for various production companies and
clientele. She grew tremendously from her experiences, which led her to open her first
business and shop, ‘Into Hair’ in 1992. After seven years of leading the establishment, she made a
product change that would make an influential impact on the hair community. In December of
1999, Teresa decided to remove Relaxer for the client’s hair due to healthy hair concerns that arose
during her time in the industry. The decision led to the creation, of ‘Into Hair Naturally’.
‘Into Hair Naturally’ became the first Natural Hair Salon in Kansas City. It was at this
the time that KC began to embark on a whole new era of hair appreciation and maintenance.
With diligence, Teresa created a product line, specializing in caring for locs, braids, and afros,
named Blessing of Hair by N2U. Every stylist that came to exercise their gifts, was trained on
using these products and furthering their understanding of natural hair. Throughout the
duration of all of Teresa’s salons, over 100 stylists have been employed over the years. She also
spent time sharing her hair wisdom as a radio show host for offering beauty tips, worked as a
celebrity stylist for the Kansas City Chiefs and various artists, and demonstrated at hair shows.
In her career, Teresa has trained thousands of instructors, beauticians, and barbers
on techniques and product knowledge. Today, she teaches advanced training for locks and
natural hair techniques and has become a leading holistic stylist that serves clients from the
inside out. She is employed by the State Board of Cosmetologists and resides as President of
Klassy Cosmetology Connections, which is associated with the Natural Beaty Culturist League. Also, she
continues to lead the (Title) company in (what is their goal?).
With much action and dedication, she has proven to be a polished, powerful,
motivational instructor and natural hair stylist. She is driven when it comes to addressing the
challenges to supplying natural hair products and services, while also delivering impactful ways
to drive marketing and advertising for others working towards the common goal of healthy
hair. Teresa is an experienced speaker in the beauty industry and has been prolific in the ways
she prepares others for success.

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a world of natural